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When I was growing up and fishing for Large Mouth Bass with my grandfather we primarily used plastic worms. Color and style matters a lot, and different worms had significantly different results. To compound that, the "magic combination" seemed to change over time.

My grandfather always knew exactly which worm we should be using, but I never saw him trying lots of different worms.

How do you determine the color and style of worm to use when fishing for large mouth bass?

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When I am out fishing what I look for in plastic/hard bait is the water clarity. In murky water I tend to use brightly colored bait. If it is clear water with good visibility I try and use bait that is colored as close to real as possible.

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I tend to use bright fleck worms in murky water and in clear water use your darker colored worms with crankbaits i tend to use the kevin vandam signature series sexy shad color crankbaits around structures such as boat ramps on overcast skies when jigging i tend to use chartruese or white roadrunners when jigging for bass and croppy jigging for panfish i tend to use white or black swirl tail roadrunner around structures such as stumps down deep when you see bass hittin the water under a tree that usually means they are jumping at bugs fallin off that tree so use any type of floating bug like creature

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Dark worms in clear water, light colored worm in murky water. I fish some very murkey waters where I end up using a worm with a chartruese tail.

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I always catch a ton of bass in Florida when the water is murky. I am a stickler for using Zoom watermelon/red trick worms without a weight. I ALWAYS fish along banks and structure, nothing deeper than 4 feet. I ALWAYS hide from the wind and fish the calm water, I do not recommend fishing in heavy wind with the technique listed above.


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