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Is it normal for the evenk / Siberian hitch to open out in use, particularly when tied to a large diameter object (think tree) where the rope enters the knot close to right angles from the load ?

I'm 99% sure I'm tying it correctly, but no matter how slowly and carefully I work the knot up, after pulling it up into position and under load it seems to open out into 2 separate parts. Due to the mechanics of the knot it seems to hold from my quick testing, but I dunno.... It's meant to be ok for hammock usage but it's not giving me any sort of confidence in it. Not the "in a sack, over a rock" confidence you'd want anyhow.

Alternatively, does anyone have a good alternative slippery hitch that can be pulled up into a tree above head height and released again, and suitable for hammock use? I've looked at a few which may fit the bill, but I'd be interested to know what people actually use.

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In short, yes. It's not the most secure of knots, it'll do in many situations but I wouldn't want to trust my life with it under any circumstances!

You might want to try the Slipped Buntline as a more secure alternative.

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i've just noticed on a ray mears video that he puts an extra loop in for security on the hammock but not the tarp. that's likely what i was missing. – Sirex Mar 14 '12 at 18:11

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