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My Ventile jacket is getting a bit dirty. Is there anything special I need to know when washing it, or will a regular washing liquid and low temperature do?

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Ventile can be either dry-cleaned as detailed below or hand washed using Grangers 30 Degree Cleaner

  • Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons. Mild cleaning process with stringent limitation of added humidity and/or mechanical action and/or temperature. Commercial stain removers on a solvent base may be used with some restrictions. A trail on a concealed part of the article is advisable beforehand.

  • We recommend hand washing in Grangers Pure Liquid Soap for Ventile , using the following procedure :

    1. Gently brush or sponge off any dirt or grit.
    2. Close the zip fastener
    3. Turn the garment inside out
    4. Hand wash in Grangers Pure Liquid Soap for Ventile.
    5. Ensure all residue soap is removed from the garment, re-rinse if necessary.
    6. Re-shape the garment on a hanger and allow to dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight.
    7. Iron carefully on a warm setting – this reactivates the DWR treatment.
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