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We have couple Coleman 5 gal. water carriers. They are nice sturdy canisters, but they have major weak spot: their taps are of poor quality and easily broken — both ours are, and seems like a lot of people having same issue.

Coleman offers replacement part (cap assembly, Part# 5010001049), But there are issues with that. First of all, if they are so shoddy, why get same thing that only going to break in few uses. Secondly — the price: replacement part itself is about $3, plus shipping and handling would add another $5 making the total about the same as we had got the whole thing for (bought on sale). Thirdly, it is “temporarily unavailable”, and no telling when it shall become, indeed, available.

Is there other places that would have replacement available at better price? Is there aftermarket replacement that is of better quality and reasonably priced? If not a functional tap, is there some sort of standard “non-interactive” cap that could be used as replacement?

Edit. Open mouth dimensions: 1 and 7/8" in diameter, 3/4" out from the surface of the canister, 1/8" thread pitch.

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In the page you linked to it looks like coleman are saying call their customer service department and they'll see what they can do - they may of course just tell you to buy the replacement part but it could be worth a try if they give you a couple of replacements for free? Not unheard of. – berry120 Jul 17 '12 at 13:27
What's the diameter on the open mouth? – MaskedPlant Jul 17 '12 at 18:03
@Masked, what should I measure? Inside opening, outside (including thickness of material), outside of a thread? – theUg Jul 18 '12 at 4:01

Not sure if they carry the diameter you are looking for but when a spigot breaks on one of my canisters I usually go to Ace Hardware and pickup a replacement. I have had good luck with Rubbermaid ones. I would expect stores like Home Depot or Lowes to have them as well.

The Reliance ones work if the mouth is the same size, I like them because you can turn the spigot inside when transporting or not in use.

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Not a direct answer to the question, but something to consider. Reliance cans may be a better purchase, because their taps, while not immune from damage, are easier to repair and improve. This is what we did with ours — short nipple and a quality brass ball valve:

Reliance tap repaired

Not sure what thread is that (iron pipe or hose thread), but we just had some 3/4" nipple lying around and it worked. It’s bulkier, but quite a bit sturdier, and the cap itself is solid enough.

As for Coleman, the workaround my father uses is to buy a new one, then return it with a broken tap. He’s unapologetic, saying maybe that’ll teach them to improve their product. Which does make sense.

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Found this on an amazon review: "I bought a flat, low-profile cap for an interim solution as well as to have a more durable closure for storage and transportation. A cap which fits perfectly is the wide-mouth cap for the smaller (16oz) sized Nalgene bottle. This is not the commonly found wide-mouth size, and it's not a narrow-mouth cap. The complete 16oz bottle costs around $9, but I was able to buy a replacement lid from REI for about $3. The blue color that it came in is a nice match for the Coleman blue. (See pic.)" Full link

for sale at Amazon (you want the 53 mm replacement cap)

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