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I have been mountaineering for about four years, now and one of the things I have learned is how important a good knife really is. A knife that is sharp, durable, and can take a beating can make a world of different when your outside for weeks at a time.

Recently I have been looking to purchase a new knife, and I am going to go "all out" this time and get a FOX Carbon Titan (Tanto/Utility) fixed blade. Now that I have a knife in mind I'm not sure if I should get the tanto or utility style.

Currently I own a mid-range 3.25' folding knife that has a utility blade and I am very happy with it. From my research I have found that tanto blades are better for piercing things, and are good for combat because of that.

My real questions is: for mountaineering which is mostly kitchen work, cutting rope, plants, other small objects, and in a survival situation killing and skinning an animal would a Tanto or Utility knife be a better option?

Of course the name "Utility" hints that it would be a better option, but is that really true? Right now I really want a tanto blade because they look so cool, but if it really isn't a good option then I will go with the utility blade.

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I suspect either would be just fine. –  dan Aug 20 '12 at 18:02
At $670, I think I'd get more utility out of 10 $67 knives LOL –  whatsisname Aug 22 '12 at 16:48
Lol. I found someone who is going to sell it to me for much less than $670. That is a ridiculous price! –  Sponge Bob Aug 22 '12 at 17:02
@whatsisname Are you sure? What about 67 $10 knives? –  MaskedPlant Aug 27 '12 at 15:52

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When I first read this I was thinking and actual Japanese tanto vs a Rambo style utility knife. I would have said go with the utility because other than fighting, the tanto wouldn't be as much use.

Lucky I clicked on the links you provided. After seeing what you were choosing between, it looks like they do almost the same thing. I would say that you will be happier with the tanto with no buyers remorse.

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For an all-around knife I'd tend to stay away from a serrated knife, myself. Serration is nice for cutting rope and, um, I think that's pretty much it. You'd shred a fish or small game with that thing. I'm having a hard time understanding why someone would need that particular knife. Why not something like a puukko knife?

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