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I was trying to find statistics for the number of caches in Germany, that are registered in portal, a free of change and open alternative to But I've failed to find such numbers. In polish version of OpenCaching the statistics are available under the link in the main menu. But how to find out that number for german OpenCaching? Or, if there are no such statistics presented on page, do you know at least the estimated numbers of caches registered in that portal?

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You should contact rather than ask here. – furtive Oct 11 '12 at 23:46

The only way that you can really find this out if they don't provide the stats on the pages is to contact them.

However, in terms of a slightly different question (the rough number of geocaches in Germany in general) this website says it was approaching 200,000 August last year (2011), so I'd imagine it's still in that ballpark but may have crept up a bit.

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Well, I've taken a notice, that for GeoCaching also are the statistics missing, it's strange because in polish versions they are quite detailed. – Danubian Sailor Oct 12 '12 at 15:17
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It seams, that there is another site for statistics, which is not linked (or the linking is not obvious. The statistics for Germany can be obtained under

So, OpenCaching has ~28k caches in Germany, and GeoCaching ~192k. That means that GeoCaching has over 6 times as many caches in Germany as OpenCaching (quite suprising, because in Poland it is the opposite).

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This data were found thanks to posts on geocaching foras, so I don't think my answer was in any way obvious or easy googlable, which was assumed by the downvoters. – Danubian Sailor Oct 12 '12 at 20:12

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