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I have currently no place of permanent perspective (from the geocache's point of view, I think it should be about 5 years, to be able to service cache in that time). So I'm thinking about creating the series of mobile caches. Of course, those caches can be created in OpenCaching only. And in Germany (the place I temporarily live in) it happens to be so, that GeoCaching is much more popular (not to say, dominant).

So I'm wondering if it is really a good idea to plant such mobile caches in the geocaches registered in

I'm taking into account the following issues:

  • how would the finder react to mobile cache, let's say in form of U-Ei? Would he/she know what to do with that (log in and, preferably, move to new location)? Or it is the risk that the cache would be thrown away as thrash?
  • how would the cache owner react to such planting? Could it be considered rude or offensive?
  • are there any objections, in general, against OpenCaching that make that portal so unpopular in Germany?

The preferable answer should address all the issues above.

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I don't think OpenCaching is unpopular in Germany, just that seems to be the de facto portal in most regions.

If you mean a tag or chip that you pop in an existing cache with the intent that it be moved by the next visitor to the cache, I can't see a problem with that - it's pretty common the world over.

You just need to ensure that the mobile cache has brief instructions provided, for those who haven't seen one before. Ideally a URL and an ID number should be all that is required, but a brief comment to say what it is may be useful.

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Mobile cache is something like small cache that can be moved from place to place, such as small box which can be put into other caches. – Danubian Sailor Dec 31 '12 at 17:18

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