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In addition to "longest walk possible" are there any good guidelines for finding trails/areas in the southeast that are typically less crowded on holidays such as the 4th of July? State parks here in Georgia, and most of the States, become overcrowded and very loud on summer holidays.

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Since you write on the 4th, does that mean specifically for single day trips? – gerrit Jun 18 '13 at 12:39
Day or multi-day trips. – Russell Steen Mar 9 at 13:18
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My answer is not specific for a particular area or a particular date. I like to find trails, areas, that are less crowded in general, and estimate the seasonal pattern mostly on availability. Signs of less popular areas:

  • A relative lack of photos on things Panoramio, Instagram, etc.
  • A relative lack of uploaded tracks on sites such as Wikiloc and Everytrail.
  • A relative lack of google hits for places uniquely along this particular trail.
  • A general lack of information online.
  • A lack of services in the area.

Of course, this has the marked disadvantage that it's also harder to find those areas at all. It helps to know the area, to get a good map that includes not only popular trails but also less popular ones, etc. In my area, I've never met another hiker in routes that I designed on my own.

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Great answer. I hadn't thought of the "lack of a google presence" solution, but it makes perfect sense. – Russell Steen Jun 18 '13 at 15:29
@RussellSteen Indeed, I hate hiking in crowded places, there's a thing about hiking that requires PEACE, PEACE that I can't find when there's almost a traffic jam of people hiking in the same place I am – Mr. Derpinthoughton Mar 30 at 17:45

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