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I'm asking on behalf of my roommates who want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. We all recently moved to San Diego from the East Coast, and they're trying to find a book as informative and detailed as The A.T. Guide, but having trouble, online as well as perusing through several bookstores here in San Diego. Would anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

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There are several equivalents just as there is for the AT. I would consider Halfmile maps combined with PocketPCT.

The PCTA also provides a listing and sells books. Guthook has a review on his blog entry.

I would also add that while maps are not as popular on the AT they are most common on the PCT. Postholer have the nicest maps but Halfmile maps sometimes include useful comments which are a plus.

As for which one's you should bring with you, this is an entirely different question.

P.S. Feel free to edit/add more guidebooks

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