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I am preparing for an expedition which is going to be in Mid-July next year.
I am quite aware about the level of physical fitness that we require for such a trek, and I am preparing for it as well.
One thing that strikes my mind the most is regarding food/diet that I should follow during the expedition.

I am purely a veg guy. I do not eat Eggs as well. For that matter, few people have advised my to consume chocolates and Apples during the expedition. I am not exactly aware about the diet that I should follow. Can someone share if they have planned for similar kind of a thing?

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At high altitudes, many people experience a loss of appetite. For this reason, I find it helpful to bring a variety of foods. It's hard to work up an appetite for eating the same thing over and over. Bringing only two things, like chocolate and apples, may not be a good idea for that reason. Apples are probably not very practical because of their low ratio of calories to weight. – Ben Crowell Mar 16 '14 at 21:14
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For me, as a thumb rule, when on high altitude treks, I do not go for any food which is digestion intensive. i.e, any food which required a lot of oxygen to get digested is not favorable.

You can always have chocolate bars/energy bars at higher altitudes. Herbal tea is something that keeps you hydrated and gives you decent amount of caffeine at the same time. The locals/sherpas would probably recommend garlic soups as well. I'm not entirely sure of the scientific significance of the same.

Since you are a pure vegetarian, and since you need good amount of carbs and proteins, the following should give you the required nutrition:

  • Local made bread.
  • Cheese.
  • Fresh fruits(availability is highly improbable).
  • Dried fruits/nuts.
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