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I'm planning on getting out to try some Pike fishing in Sweden this autumn. Never tried it before so I could do with a few basic pointers on equipment, suggestions for the following:

a) Rod type, length, action, and power.

b) Bait/lure, hook size

c) Reel type

d) Line type and strength

e) Specialized equipment (I've seen some stuff about a metal leader) & rigging - A rigging diagram would be great!

f) Tips on techniques...

A lot to cover there, would appreciate any advice really including answers for small parts of the post!

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Here is my local tackle shop if you want to see what sort of equipment I have to choose from sportfiskepoolen.se –  rg255 Oct 25 '13 at 8:56
Since you aren't having much luck with this question being answered you might try splitting it up into more answerable sections. Such as one question focused on equipment, and then another on technique for starters. You could honestly have one single question just dealing with the rod type and going into more detail with that. As it stands it's just too broad to get sufficient answers. –  manoftheson Apr 22 '14 at 19:16

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I'll try to answer some of the questions you have:

b) The kind of lure I normally use for snatching pike is a wobbler, when it comes to bait, small fish(eg. common roach) usually piques the pikes interest.(no pun intended.)

f) The pike likes to muddle around the reeds and similar environments, so you either need to go get it or make it come to you.

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I've been very successful catching northern pike in Alberta with the following setup. I should clarify that I was catching pike up to 18" long, and my setup reflects that.

b) 2", 1/2 oz Spoons. The 5 of Diamonds (red on yellow) and red stripe on white also works well. http://www.lenthompson.com/fishing-lure-patterns.html

c) Spinning reel, one with an easy to adjust drag is helpful. It might just be me, but I have often found myself quickly needing to adjust the drag after catching a larger than expected pike.

d) Standard monofilament line. Slightly heavier weight than normal, sometimes pulling up a pike is comparable to pulling up a log.

e) You will want to use a metal leader. Pike have very sharp teeth and will bite right through the fishing line. I have typically used 10" long leaders and have had success with both the black leaders and the standard steel. Gloves and good needle nose pliers to help prevent your hands from getting all cut up while removing the hook.

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