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Having known that bears are mostly attracted by smell of food. That is why we are supposed to keep the food items in airtight and sealed packs or preferably finish up all the food (cooking and consuming) far away from the campsite.

People usually tend to follow this protocol. But does this all apply to Body lotions, Deodorants, Scented soaps, Face washes and perfumes?

I believe bears are just keen animals who tend to get attracted towards things that have strong odor/smell.

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@studiohack: Sorry, with all due respect, I disagree! –  WedaPashi Oct 31 '13 at 5:59

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It does. Rule of a bear cache is to put EVERYTHING that smells, in your bear cache and hang it. This applies to toothpaste, deodorant, food, lotions, perfumes, yes.

More info: What precautions should I take to protect myself and my camp from bears?

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When I participated in a couple of forest surveys in the Indian subcontinent, I was strongly advised by the forest officials to keep away from anything which would give off a strong scent (deodorants, soaps included). The reason being, many animals are inquisitive and are attracted to strong smells. Bears, I believe are no exceptions. Hence yes, bears do get attracted to all the scented items you have mentioned in the question.

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