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Most "fish attractants" are actually just mechanisms to cover up human scent (as this article here as well as this one point out). They don't actually attract fish, but they mask any fish-negative smells that the bait have come into contact with (your hands, cigars, sun tan lotion, bug repellent, etc.). This doesn't entice the fish to bite the bait; it simply entices them to keep the bait in their mouth for longer if they decide to bite at all.

Well, ideally, I'd like to find some way of attracting the fish to the location where I'm fishing. I could then optionally decide to use a fish "attracant" to mask any smells I've inadvertently introduced. So I'm looking for an actual fish attractant.

I could take a jug of some sort and perforate its lid with lots of tiny holes. I would then put the actual fish attractant in the jug (obviously, the attracant would be different depending on the sort of fish I'm looking to catch). I could tether the jug to my boat or to land with a rope. I'd throw the jug as far as I could, and because the lid has holes in it, it would fill with water, sink, and begin leeching out the attractant.

Two questions:

  1. Is this feasible/possible? If not, why? If so, what are some tried & proven methods/best practices here?; and
  2. If it is possible, where could I find different "recipes" for different attractants based on the fish I'm looking to catch. I live in upstate NY (Adirondacks), so the major species are: bass, pike, trout and musky.
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