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I have been preparing for long walks in europe ever since I heard about European trails.
I have planned to hike entire E2 trail but in parts, may be I can afford to hike it in parts every alternate.

As I can study, I never got an update on the information about whether the part of E2 trail in Northern Ireland is open for non-irish long-distance walkers.
So, I roughly plan to start from Stranraer to Harwich as the first part of it. The distance to walk is approximately 540 kms.
As of now, I am focussing on this part of the trail.

My questions are:

  1. Apart from UK visa what are the other permits (if any) do I require?
  2. Are the trails marked well?
  3. Which telecom service provider has better consumer satisfaction in this region? So that I can buy the SIM for that provider.
  4. What is the best time to plan to hike in that region?
  5. Does the route pass through any area which is now not supposed to trespassed?

I plan to carry my tent and other bedding throughout the trek. I plan to carry food enough for around 4 days with me, hoping that I will manage to get to the civilized area after every 4 days. (I believe after studying the route, this is a safe and a fair assumption to bank on). I need not to tell you that I will be having my own emergency kit that has all the necessary things along with the medical kit.

I intend to complete this journey in about a month.

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What about splitting this question into several more focused ones? If I would plan to write an FAQ about some long distance walk for a touristic website, nearly all your questions would be part of this FAQ. As most of them (except maybe the phone provider question) might require more than a "Yes/No" or "Do X" answer, it surely might be stuff for several questions. –  Benedikt Bauer Feb 20 at 13:51
@BenediktBauer: I first had thought about it the same way, then I posted this as whole after considering the fact that if anyone is looking for a similar kind of information about specifically E2 trail, He/She need not to spend time in acquiring information through various questions. Take an example of this question and the accepted answer. I expect something similar to that: outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/4798/… –  WedaPashi Feb 20 at 14:34
I don't think the question you reference is comparable here. The referenced question asks for a very limited topic (More or less "How to treat a snake bite without immediate access to medical facilities?") While in your case it's a bit of everything: some administrative stuff, some logistics, some general stuff... I highly appreciate the idea to have all information in one spot but I don't think the Q&A format here is the right place to get this done. –  Benedikt Bauer Feb 20 at 14:46
@BenediktBauer: Okey I agree on the point that this question is incomarable with that one. And, if I get close votes for "too-broad" reason, I would consider splitting it. Lets do it the StackExchange way! :) –  WedaPashi Feb 20 at 14:51
I live in the UK and have walked all over the country. I have never heard of the E2 trail? Googling it, it looks like it intersects (predominately) with the pennine way. Just a note, I wouldn't expect most people in the UK to know what the E2 trail was. –  Liam Feb 25 at 14:27
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