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It is said that Southeast Texas is overrun by wild boars. However, I have only seen sign of them within national park borders-where hunting is not allowed-and all google search results return paid hunting ranches which I regard as "pig farms". Where can I go hunt wild pigs in southeast Texas without paying?

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Free is unrealistic, you'll probably have to pay for a permit of some kind if you're not on a private ranch. –  hillsons Mar 2 at 19:58
In Texas you can shoot boars without a permit, but you do need a hunting license. See tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wild/nuisance/feral_hogs/#hunt –  user14717 Mar 2 at 20:20
The parks and wildlife site goes to great lengths not to say explicitly where you can hunt those wild boars. I'm not sure if that means that feral boars are such a nuisance that you can hunt them anywhere it's not specified otherwise, or if it's somehow confidential. Either way, you should give that department a call and find out, and then post the answer here as long as they don't tell you not to. –  hillsons Mar 4 at 19:06

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