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From time to time I enjoy taking hikes in the mountains to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset. When doing this, I always guess when the sun will rise that day and then I plan my tour accordingly. But this is not always that easy, especially in the mountains, when other mountains can delay a sunrise dramatically.

So I'm looking for a tool or resource where I can enter the coordinates of the mountain I want to visit and that then calculates the time of sunrise and sunset.

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This web page should do the job, and also has a draggable map and list of cities if you want to select one of those rather than entering in manual co-ordinates.

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If you're old-school, here is a device I just learned about today (and it should fit into your pack):

The Sunsetwheel.

It's a sliderule type device, and may take a few minutes to learn how to use it, but it can give you data without having a smart phone on you at all times.

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