I have a friend who climbs with another group.
She recently had her first couple of experiences as lead climber (sport climbing).

I'm concerned that she doesn't have the required theory for lead climbing, and whenever possible I lecture her on [tag:knots], [tag:safety] or whatever I can come up with.

For example, she was unaware that the rope-carabiner in a quickdraw should face [away from the direction of travel](http://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/quickdraws-slings-webbing.html). And for all I know, her group uses a very small subset of common [rope calls](http://web.mit.edu/spelunk/www/rope-calls.html).

Fortunately, she's eager to learn, and she's an avid reader.

However, being _mostly_ a self-taught climber, I find it hard to sum up all the basics you need to know.

Other than lending her my books, **what are the essential key-points she should be taught?**

**Edited** to add that this is for sport climbing.