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I think it may be difficult to directly compare laminate or coated hardshells with softshells, because the technology involved can be complicated. So here's the simple answer: If you get a strech-woven softshell, it will almost certainly be more breathable than any hardshell, at the expense of complete waterproofness. At the same time, most softshells are ...


Disclaimer - this is purely based on a bit of prior knowledge and augmented with some more research, I've never been to subsaharan Africa and don't really plan to ever wild camp there! Wild camping around that area verges along the more extreme side of wild camping - some may say it's madness, and there's obviously much, much more risk than wild camping in ...


I have camped in the Okavango delta, Kalahari desert and on Kilimanjaro. I would not try sleeping outside, tent is a minimum. On one of the trips we had a 4x4 with a roof tent. That was very practical, easy to put up, and you felt a bit safer being off the ground. Some of the game reserves have camping sites. There is not much difference with respect to ...


I'm researching wild camping in western Africa at the moment and the main thing I've learned thus far is not to listen to people who haven't been there. Threat from animals aside, apparently the thing to do is to ask at villages if it's okay to spend the night on their land. You'll likely be given food, too.

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