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Yes it is, but only for one night in any single spot. Staying multiple nights is considered camping and is not allowed. It is never allowed in national parks. I could only find Dutch references for this, but they all say the same and refer to relevant text in the Austrian lawbooks.


The website of the Heilbronner Hütte has a pretty nifty leaflet concerning the tour you are planning. It is in German but I guess you'll be able to read the graph. Be aware that it states: Diese großartige und abwechslungsreiche aber sehr lange Tour wird nur ausdauernden Berggehern empfohlen. which roughly translates to "This amazing and varied, yet ...


It is allowed if there's no sign declaring it as Naturschutzgebiet/Naturschutzzone this is german for natural reserve if there's no such sign or you know for sure your not in such a reserve, it's safe to swim legally. However, best practice is to ask at the local tourist information center.


This is a copy paste from wikipedia: The right to roam in Austria, particularly in forests and mountainous areas, is called Wegefreiheit. Since 1975 the right to roam in forests is guaranteed by Federal law. In particular, walking, running, hiking, and resting are automatically allowed to the public in most forest areas. However, horse riding, ...

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