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Self-assessment is difficult because your level of consciousness (LOC) may be impaired. Unfortunately, one's own state of mind is also very difficult to self-assess. I'll list here a brief overview of some of the "self-checks" you can do, but (as I'm sure you're already aware), getting a second person to check you out as soon as possible will help ensure you ...


Due to the nature of many injuries your awareness and ability to treat yourself may be impaired. Therefore, extra care should be taken. Don't do anything rash or hastily as that will probably just make things worse. Take a few moments to collect yourself and get an initial impression of how you feel. Your first concern is to prevent further injury and get ...


I haven't seen any particular rules for boots at Philmont. I am aware of a wide range of footwear having been used, ranging from the traditional heavy high-topped boots to lightweight, low-cut trail runners. In general it seems the Philmont trails are well-maintained, and with the exceptions of places like Valle Vidal (off-trail) and Mt. Baldy (plenty of ...


Thanks for your help. I've purchased a Bruce Trail map and found Terra Cotta Conservation Area and Pretty River Valley Provincial Park with a camp spot in adjacent Petun Conservation Area. The latter is 2 hours away, but I think it'll suffice.


These boots seem perfectly reasonable to me. If they are comfortable and not about to fall apart I can't see why they should be a problem. I suspect what they mean is that the are not familiar/do not stock that brand of boot so can't recommend it. It would seem crazy to me if they said you can't use perfectly good boots because they aren't on some list. ...


Unfortunately this advice may a bit late for you now, but if you cover the outside of the pots in washing-up liquid before putting them on the fire/wood burner and clean it after use. The washing-up liquid should stop the soot sticking and it should wipe of fairly easily. This approach is best if you are at a fixed campsite where you can easily wash your ...


If you drove 3 hours there may be some possibilities along the Bruce Trail. I'm unsure where you might be able to camp but you may want to check out this link from their website: http://brucetrail.org/pages/trail/camping

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