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I go to my local pharmacy and ask for medicine-grade screw-top bottles. These have good seals and only cost pennies. To be doubly sure I place the bottle in a plastic bag and carry it in an outside pocket of my pack. All this may seem a bit paranoid, but I once had a nasty experience with butter on my sleeping bag...


Depending on how much you need you can get a variety of food grade plastic bottles for carrying liquids. To avoid drips probably the best option is a squeeze type bottle with both a nozzle and a screw top lid.


Regarding energy expense, there is already a good answer. However, I want to add that when considering "Does a pound on your foot equal 5 pounds on your back?" there are more factors at play than just energy expense. You should also consider the effect on knees and joints. As an example - If I put 5 lb weights on both my feet and went up and down stairs ...


The first option that comes to mind is a 20 ounce plastic soda bottle or something similar. Lightweight and well sealed, if you fill it only half full it's relatively easy to pour without spilling down the sides. There's also a product called the flexible flask that comes with a measuring spout that should prevent any spills, and then you could throw the ...

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