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Personally, I keep it simple. One long sleeve shirt for daytime use, one long sleeve shirt at night. I wear one set of boxers in a week, and a pair of long underwear at night (if it's under 50f). One pair of pants I can roll up. Three pairs of socks per week. One to wear, one for bed, and one that's been rinsed out and drying on my pack. Bringing a beanie ...


How about Via Dinarica, virtually no information and similar experience in another neck of the Balkans. Three trails, each about 650 km - still more of an idea than established project. Part of it overlaps with the Peaks of the Balkans route.


would you look at visiting as far a field as New Zealand. Lots of trips, lots of information online - Its possible to do 10+ days and not see another person if you choose the trip and the time of year carefully. We have a vast track and hut network (In our terms a track can be nothing more than markers nailed to trees or cairns on a mountain side. A hut ...


Many areas in Scotland can be quite quiet, especially outside the peak season. There are also many long distance walks ranging from the well known to the less so. I've heard the Rob Roy way and the Cape Wrath trail are quiet good although I've actually done neither. There is no system of manned mountain huts like in many places but many unmanned bothies ...

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