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It might sound a bit odd and not-so-related to the question, but have you considered carrying a Kindle? I got used to carry mine along, wherever I go (bagpacking included). Advantages it doesn't get bent corners and broken spine; if you pack it in a good place, it doesn't break at all a fully charged battery lasts several weeks it is quite lightweight ...


I'm not sure if there is something you know about temperature's affect on books that I do not? I would not have thought temperature would be a problem. That aside, i think the ziplock solution is pretty good. It obviously doesn't provide any rigid support, but if you aren't concerned about that, there are a myriad of dry bags / pouches, map cases & ...


I like Les Stroud's(survivorman) book called "Survive!". Just like in his tv show, he outlines survival in all different climates and locales. It's very specific and sounds like something that would interest you. There's a great(and short) list of survival books here. Another of my favorites is "Wildwood Wisdom" which isn't locale specific but focuses on ...


Books I love and want to keep or pass down to a kindred spirit I use a product that is used in museums to protect about everything. It is called CONSERVATORS wax. I coat my book jackets and on soft covers the front back and spine. Anything you want to last longer than yourself benefits from this wax. It is kind of expensive, but just a little goes a long ...


If there is a scuba diving store nearby, check to see what they have. I know there is a wide variety of bags and boxes that people use to keep items dry on a boat or underwater. While you may pay a little bit more, you will get something that will last. I have a small Scuba Pro dry bag that I use for canoeing.


The Pocket Survival Guide. by J. Wayne Fears Accurate, concise, to the point.

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