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If there is a scuba diving store nearby, check to see what they have. I know there is a wide variety of bags and boxes that people use to keep items dry on a boat or underwater. While you may pay a little bit more, you will get something that will last. I have a small Scuba Pro dry bag that I use for canoeing.


It might sound a bit odd and not-so-related to the question, but have you considered carrying a Kindle? I got used to carry mine along, wherever I go (bagpacking included). Advantages it doesn't get bent corners and broken spine; if you pack it in a good place, it doesn't break at all a fully charged battery lasts several weeks it is quite lightweight ...


I'm not sure if there is something you know about temperature's affect on books that I do not? I would not have thought temperature would be a problem. That aside, i think the ziplock solution is pretty good. It obviously doesn't provide any rigid support, but if you aren't concerned about that, there are a myriad of dry bags / pouches, map cases & ...

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