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Imsodin's answer is good and covers a lot of good points. One thing that is relevant here is Alpine boots come in 3 grades (to match the grades of crampons). You need to pick the right boot grade for the job you want it to do. Some trade off comfort (when walking) for ability when climbing. B1 B1 one boots are softer and allow the most comfort when ...


I am not entirely sure, but I think you are referring to boots like the La Sportiva Nepal. In this case, while these shoes are as you mentioned designed primarerly for technical mountaineering, you should not expect these sort of problems. I did my military service mostly in these boots and we did a lot of marching on flat concrete. While this is a shameful ...


Looks like you have a very limited range of brands over on your island * Beside the brands you already mentioned here are some others that spring to mind: Hanwag Lowa Mammut Salewa Dachstein I know, you're the continent, we're the island ;-) !

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