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What has probably happened is that the thread used on the boots has deteriorated. I would hand sew it by hand, but only after studying the best knots to employ in the repair. Be sure to use the same holes made by the machine in order to avoid weakening the leather. Once finished, spray with a water repellent compound. I have done this on my own shoes and ...


Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. There are many people with "large, wide, and flat feet", and every one of them has a different idea of what "comfortable" means to them. For example, some people like heavily insulated shoes, while others hate it. Thus, while materials and construction can change the level of insulation (or other physical ...


Greetings fellow canadian. I too have had to ensure my toes stay dry while snowshoeing to work or hunting polar bears in the hinterlands of toronto. you mentioned goretex liners. If thats the case, and you bought them through a real outlet, not a vintage store/ebay/whatever. contact goretex directly and theyll set it right. seriously. Otherwise there are 2 ...


Mink oil or Sno seal are two brands I've had good results with. Preheating the boots with a hair dryer to open the pores is essential for either product.Hit the seams and inside bends first then just rub in a good coating all over and wait for it to soak in. Repeat if required.


When they are tight enough to prevent movement within the shoe/boot but not so tight that it causes discomfort. A little too loose is actually worse than a lot too loose. A little too loose will guarantee a blister, while a lot too loose will reduce your ankle support.


Again, how tight is too tight? Probably something that doesn't come off while walking in tall grass, but does come off quick when you want it to, also fast to tie up again is the knot you are looking for. I usually prefer Ian's Secure knot. Such a brilliant link! There is a pair of shoes which have a slightly longer laces which I deliberately didnt ...

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