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Yes...though we're not sure why?! DEET will prevent pretty much all bugs from biting you. No one's really sure the mechanism of how or why this is the case though. DEET was actually developed by accident, the US government was working with new chemicals for use in warfare when they noticed that DEET repelled mosquitoes. They quickly changed it's status from ...


During turkey season I practically bathe in regular deet based spray since turkeys can't smell. Thing is, this spring I had a deer walking around calmly 10-15 yards from me more than once. Can they smell it? Sure. Does it alarm them? Why should it? I would think only if they've made an association between it and danger.


This answer focuses on management not repelling, fleas have a complex life cycle, If you repel 99 of 100 fleas, that one is going to be living on you with it's family. The internet has LOTS of yes answers to this question, random example. most are focused on animals because, well... I don't know why. People get fleas also. As rule there is a different ...

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