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You are likely talking about eye flies. They feed on lachrymal secretion which your eyes produce. When they get too intense, if hiking, I either walk faster and away from wet area or use a good head net. Peter Vacco have good information on flies and also happen to make really good head nets.


I deal with this problem by wearing a large set of sunglasses. Mine were originally designed for snowstorms - large circles, which leave nearly no gap to the face, plus side inserts, to limit light and wind from the sides. Work wonders, plus this solution frees the hands for energetic activities, like biking or wood hgathering.


Possible steps to take: You could attempt to lure and trap them into a container filled with vinegar and a squirt of dish washing soap. Possible traps include: covering container with plastic foil and poking relatively small holes or making a funnel out of lightweight cardboard. An alternative would be to take tobacco from a cigarette or a cigar, chew on ...

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