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Forget the DEET. That's for mosquitoes, and it's not a repellent, but rather it interferes with their sense of smell so since they can't smell you (food) they don't bother you. It's also toxic. Citronella is not a repellent of any kind. Smoke from Citronella candles is a repellent (downwind from the candle). Smoke from ANY candle is the same repellent. ...


I'm allergic to wasp/bee stings so this is a question I've been pondering for a long time, what works for me is slicing a lemon in half and putting a few cloves in there. Put it near the camera and the wasps wont go near it. It has a fairly penetrating and unpleasant odor.


I have a very similar problem with wasps nesting in my mailbox. This has made it rather difficult to get to my mail, and pay my bills on time. I would suggest staying away from traps as, while they will trap and kill a wasp, they do have a scented bait meant to draw wasps to the area. So your camera would still probably capture a fair amount of wasps on the ...

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