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I assume that the way the said animal is marking it's territory, and with reference to "They don't come at night when I sleep inside.", can I assume that you are camping there more than a night or two? If thats the case then I am hoping that its not a backcountry area where you have bears. Marking the territory in the sense you are talking of definitely ...


A pan of cool charcoal left in the foot of the tent or if possible hanging from the tent roof will help absorb much of the moisture. Most of the moisture comes from us (breathing) and cools as it raises. If you can hang it about mid level of the tent the charcoal will soak it up like a sponge.


As for different animals, or yourself, marking their territory, I think the only time that makes a difference is when the two animals are in competition with each other. A bear or mountain lion will have a large territory marked that they hunt within. However, a raccoon may occupy a smaller territory within a bears territory. The bear will ignore any raccoon ...


Try marking the tent as your territory. Same way they do.


One test I've done was to fill two cups with partly ice and emptied one cup every 5 minutes. The ice in the cup that was emptied of its water lasted longer than the ice that sat in the melted water. Showed easily the best way to make ice last longer. Seems it could be a different story if your aim is to keep the cooler temperature colder for longer. But if ...

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