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You might consider .. The C&O canal on the Maryland side of the Potomac starts in harpers ferry ( accessible by rail on Amtrak) and goes to Georgetown DC just past the Key bridge. The end is literally a 1 hour walk back to union station. It can be a week if you want. It is one of the greatest isolated bike paths in the world. until you get to ...


Nordegg has a via ferrata that was set up by COE, the owner Mike Adolph "...recommends anyone using the via ferrata to do so through a guide, although if a climber shows up with a helmet and the correct harness and clips, they could go solo." Mt. Nimbus, BC has a via ferrata run by CMH. CMH says that "while the public could, in theory, access Mt Nimbus, ...


Thanks for your help. I've purchased a Bruce Trail map and found Terra Cotta Conservation Area and Pretty River Valley Provincial Park with a camp spot in adjacent Petun Conservation Area. The latter is 2 hours away, but I think it'll suffice.


If you drove 3 hours there may be some possibilities along the Bruce Trail. I'm unsure where you might be able to camp but you may want to check out this link from their website: http://brucetrail.org/pages/trail/camping

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