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You can drill some holes in your carabiner and use it as handle for mugs and other things in your home you need to lift. mug example


This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion because it's not nearly as "feel good" as helping remote Asian herdsmen. (Which incidentally is probably one of few exceptions to what follows.) Nevertheless: It is my belief that unsafe carabiners should be destroyed. In my opinion it is too great a risk that someone will get ahold of one and see that it ...


If you're handy with welding (or a drill and screws, brackets, or a hot glue gun), you can make a pretty cool coat rack or key rack out of old carabiners. You can remove the gate for a coat rack by knocking or drilling or cutting off the pins, or leave them on if you're making a key holder. Just attached the carabiners with the hook down and out from the ...


A nalgene water bottle holder! You can then clip it to the back of your pack, and it helps with carrying it around! You may want to decorate yours though. Also caribiners are nice just to always be attached to your backpack for anything with a loop!

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