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It's not strictly too soon. I have known plenty of people who camped with a nine month old in rougher conditions than you describe. It's too early if you are not in condition to carry a baby in addition to all of your gear. They make packs specifically for carrying wee ones. That's really the best way to go.


Carrying all the gear won't be easy. Whoever has the baby will probably only be able to carry one day's worth of baby stuff and nothing else. Either you get a rucksack carrier as Russell suggested (I recommend this as well, a Deuter kid comfort fitted me and was still usable over age 2), or you wear a daypack as well as a front carrier and have 2 sets of ...


Last month I camped with my then-nine-month-old son. This was his second time sleeping in a tent with us, the first time he was four months old. It helps that my family, including our 7- and 9-year old daughters, have been camping in tents since they were infants. I'm not sure what the conditions in a hut are, so I'll give advise for tents which I should ...


As others suggest, it's almost certainly best to go with a backpack style kid-carrier. One option you might not know about is the Aarn Universal Balance Bag which attaches to your pack.!balance-bags/c1paj The balance bag counterbalances the awkward weight of a kid on your back, and gives you easy access to water, maps, hats etc ...

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