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I wear my swimming trunks to the shower. My wife wears a pull over sun dress (light weight, thigh length). We wear our shower shoes, we carry our towels and shower supplies. We usually just take soap and shampoo. The soap is in a small plastic container. We wear the same clothing both ways. Dressing and other hygiene activities are done when we get back ...


This will be very country and even camp ground specific. Least likely to offend approach is to do what most of the others do. If just one person is doing what you want, don't presume its acceptable, wait till you have seen several people doing it. If everyone is getting dressed to go to showers (unlikely), get dressed. In the unlikely even most people ...


I've been camping in the UK for many years and the generally people either get fully dressed before heading to the shower, or walk over in pajamas/ dressing gown.


I would wear shorts to the shower. That way you don't accidentally lose your towel and end up flashing everyone.

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