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As the elevation increases, the boiling point of water drops. This makes cooking times increase enormously. You may want to essentially ignore cooking, and rely on cold food, and warm drinks. The whisper light is a good stove for such events. I have also used regular gasoline at low temperatures, but due to the explosive nature of fumes, I would never ...


For cold and high altitude, you will want to use white gas. White gas is superior to other liquid fuel options (kerosene, etc) and will be easier to get started in the cold. Your lightest option for this is probably going to be the MSR Whisperlite. There are plenty of options though so just go with what suits your budget and weight constraints.


For cooking at cold and altitude, the pressurised liquid fuel stove is your friend. They're expensive and need some skill and care in use (practise before you take them into challenging situations), but they will perform much better than alcohol or canister stoves when the going gets tough. Here's a video that gives a good overview of how they are used. As ...

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