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I actually had a site bookmarked for this very reason that provided some good, sound advice. I've always heard that a cougar (mountain lion) generally doesn't let you see it unless its considering attacking. 100 yards away or more that is unattentive to you Avoid rapid movements, running, loud, excited talk. Stay in groups; keep children with adults. ...


Given that the active ingredient is capsaicin which is used in self-defence sprays for all types of purposes, bear spray should be effective on anything with tear ducts, soft tissue, sinuses, eyeballs, etc, (and will totally dominate a bean burrito**). The discriminating difference between "bear spray" vs "self-defense" spray, vs. law enforcement ...


I think these signs in California and elsewhere describe it quite simply:


The Arizona Game and Fish Department shows a mountain lion hunting season from August through May. The International Union for Conservation of Nature gives the puma conservation status as Least Concern.


This video is quite a good instruction. :-) This article is quite interesting, though not really useful. Read the discussion though. But beware! This strategy might not be valid for other beasts of prey, such as lions. In this video, the man instructs to be quiet and stay low not to agitate the beast. Also, man in this video is staying low (in fact, he's ...


Chemically, if you can use it, I see no reason why it wouldn't work on any similar animals - though practically it may not be as effective. In terms of cougars for instance, this seems to imply it'll work if you can get it out and use it in time, but because of their nature the chances of you being able to carry out the task successfully are dramatically ...


Animals are the least of your concerns at that altitude. I spend a lot of time at that elevation just on the other side of the border from Montana in Canada. Your elevation is less of a factor for animal encounters than what the weather is. Go hiking in the heat of the day and you will not see another living thing out on those rocks, because every critter ...

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