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You could look at bungee cord hooks. They're pretty cheap and come in a bunch of sizes, plus you can bend and adjust them to suit your purpose. You can get them attached to bungee cord, as a length of cord or as a loop, or you can purchase them individually. Another option if you do want to use an antler is to check out pet shops, they tend to have loads ...


You could make your own with a smaller piece of hardwood 1x4. With a jig or bandsaw, cut a notch out for the hook, then remove material along the outside to make it narrow. Guaranteed to be comfortable and sit flat in your pocket. Just draw the hook shape first so you know what it will look like and where to cut. You can even smooth it out with a rasp or ...


I just buy these things in bulk at the dollar store: I call them my, "hang anything from anywhere" hooks. Not really though, they're just a double hook, and I find them really handy. Almost as handy as my "S" caribiners:

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