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Salt, sand and moisture are a bad combo for anything and everything. The salty sea air will wreak havoc on all your gear over time. You won't have to worry about it too much just for occasional use, but I would recommend at least rinsing your tent with fresh water before storing it away. There are impregnatng agents and cleaners that you can buy that are ...


I am not exactly the guy who have been doing that year by year, but I have some thoughts about cleaning and packing the gear after a high altitude expedition. I think some of it can be applied to your scenario. I would first soap-wash (if recommended) the gear so that there is no dirt. Dirt, deposited and remained there over the longer period time can ...


Using a NON Silicone based spray will keep them waterproof longer. Silicone is not recommended for canvas and gore-tex for waterproofing.

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