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There is a UIAA certification for slings just as is there are for (nearly?) all critical recreational climbing gear. You should only have reslinging done by a company that produces UIAA certified climbing softgoods. Certification logo:


Try this: Take your lantern to a local store, and find one with roughly the same size glass as the one you have, with the same number of mantles. Look it up and buy a set of mantles for it. Use the recommended installation procedure for the mantles. (Usually tie on, touch a flame to the bottom corner, wait, then light.) Light the lantern. If only the ...


If the board is new then the main thing to worry about is the bearings. Riding through puddles increases your chance of picking up grit and other abrasives that can ruin bearings, and although many modern bearings are rust resistant, not all are. Older boards, especially those with some damage can also allow water to soak in between the layers. This will ...

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