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Sit-ups won't work, archery is all about the shoulders, not abs. Also it's a bad idea to dry aim a bow, it is generally frowned upon. There are exercise tools you can buy such as a bow training exerciser: Another option is a training band, such as this: Failing that you can get yourself a press exerciser, I have one and it is very useful: ...


The main problems caused by onesided training are reduced movement range, bad posture and lack of stability (which increases the risk of acute injuries). Anyone who has done any kind of intense sport knows how regular, harmless muscle soreness feels. You should worry when it doesn't go away or gets worse rather than better after more training, or when it ...


Push-ups, sit-ups, dry aiming you bow (do not do this with compound bow, you can derail your strings), one of those stretchy surgical tubing pull exercise gizmos. Yoga is good exercise for all muscle groups and keeps you limber and supple, not bunched up.


Though this may be related to the outdoors because of its inherent outdoor nature and its relevance to enjoying the Great Outdoors, I think radpin's comment may be right that this is about meditation and mindfulness. I say that because the main exercise that would help with this is: mindfulness and meditation. You can practice shaking distractions directly ...


Dumbbells How about weight training such as bent-over dumbbell rows and similar exercises? Video examples - or

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