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Yes, you should seek medical expertise. From healthcentral.com: When the skin has thawed and rewarming is complete, cover the damaged skin with bandages and warm clothing. Contact your doctor or go to an emergency room.


Try running on sand for your morning or evening run - sand is very good at early stages of toughening up your feet as it still spreads the load well. Once you have toughened the skin a bit, you will be able to walk on forest trails, stone, gravel etc. But for now, the best thing you can do is moisturise your feet - this helps the cracks smooth out so they ...


Just to add to PPL's answer. The UK National Health Service has good practical advice on this also. It's available here. But to summarise some of the relevant points: Treatment for frostbite depends on how severe your symptoms are. You should always seek medical attention if you suspect you or someone else has frostbite. If symptoms are severe, ...


I lifeguarded in a beach for many years where the beach was covered in iron ore pieces, kind of like walking on crushed glass mixed with sand. It wasn't painful but it did hurt and tried to avoid when possible. By the end of the summer my feet were tough enough that I have stepped on glass about 1 inch in size and it does not puncture.

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