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Pumpkins and the like. The skin will protect it, and will peel off nicely once burnt to a crisp. After; Peel the skin off, scoop out the middle, and eat it nice and soft like a potato, or make a pumpkin pie~


Some fires can have an heavy amount of carbon specially if it is a wood or rubber fire. These type of fires can melt your cloths with black carbon color, and I am damn sure you'll not like to wear melted cloths at outdoor.


If you have your clothes by the fire and not in the fire it's not to likely that they burn if they're in a safe distance. It's good to hang it in a safe distance to the fire. But be also aware of the sparks from the fire (if you have synthetic clothes), they can get holes or also start burning in worst case. And your staff smells not so nice when it's in the ...


Make a big fire. This may sound silly and couterintuitive, but the reason is pretty simple. If you make a small fire you need to put your stuff pretty close to it to have any chance of drying it in a decent amount of time. And if you put clothes or boots near the fire, then you concretely risk to burn them. While if you make a bigger fire, your equipment ...


Its not necessarily bad as long as you are careful, also somewhat dependent on material. Generally, you want to arrange your clothes so that they are about a temperature where you could comfortably hold your hand. If your clothes are steaming keep a close eye on them and think about moving them back. Material is also an important factor synthetic ...

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