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This is simply a compendium of relevant answers already given. Hopefully someone will come up with an original more detailed answer. This is from an answer by WedaPashi in What are the first aid precautions to be taken in case of a snake bite?. Do not let anyone try to suck the venom out of the bite site. (I have heard cases of such a horrid thing ...


Basically this is a bit of a myth, I think perpetuated by old cowboy films! There's no way you could suck hard enough to remove the venom from out of your blood or lymphatic system. Most venoms are highly potent and only a very, very small amount is needed to cause damage. Most animals will produce a great deal more than is required to injure you so (for ...


I faced the same and a waiter at a restaurant suggested me this. Just apply a pinch of turmeric at the spot a couple of times. I worked wonders for me instantly.


In such cases I try to tie my shoelaces differently, to change the way my foot sits in the shoe - if my ankle is too loose (thus the blisters), I would try to change that in case I cannot get any help. This is not a long term solution, especially if you tie your shoelaces too tight they may affect the blood circulation in your foot a bit.

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