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He's on the take. Contact the main office, explain the whole thing. They may wish your help to nab him. In general I don't know any jurisdiction where getting the permit after getting caught absolves you of the penalty. If this were the case, then no one would buy the permit first.


Texas has a coast-wide, year-round speckled trout fishery. But Speckled trout fishing is hot in May and June and from October through January.


I am really surprised I haven't seen this answer yet, so I'll go ahead and toss this one in the mix. Cow lips are a very common and durable crab bait...especially if you do a lot of crabbing. If you keep them in brine, you can use them for a whole season and will continuously attract the crabs. This is especially attractive to crabbers who use trot lines.


Tons of rod and reel packages out there to get you started. I've had plenty of success with the basic Shimano rod/reel combos that are under $50. For bait and lures you have a some choices: Spinners simulate wounded prey (minnows, etc) - the wobble action attracts fish through their lateral line Weighted flies - wooly buggers, bead-head nymphs, etc. ...

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