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The first picture is of spinners. you tow them though the water and they spin and sparkle, attracting the attention of predatory fish. Use these where you have good visibility in the water. The different sizes colours will depend on what fish you want to catch. The second set are lures. Again designed to be pulled though the water but slower. these are ...


You do need to rephrase the question better, but I can still provide this answer. Pike will go after anything that bass will. Spinners, plugs, jerk baits, Texas rigged worms, etc etc. just about anything so long as it within reach. Trout need a more gentle approach, the Mepps style lures and perhaps the gulp worms are your best bet for trout. Real worms ...


I'd go with the 3 Mepps style lures, and the two spoons at the bottom left of the pic. They'll make more noise and vibrations than the others. The others looks to me to be fast retrieve lures which may certainly attract fish, but if the water is murky may be too fast for the fish to reliably catch up to.

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