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When you buy a new shoe, it's very nice to have one with thermo fitting or foam fitting technology. (Scarpa, Dynafit, black diamond, Fischer, are a few brands that have shoes with this support. What also helps if you have a Powerstrap (Velcro) and/or more than only one or two iron hoop to tight you boot. I've one with 4 and this works very well with my ...


I've tried using newspaper in my boots several times. - I hike at least once a week in normally wet, muddy conditions in BC Canada. I usually stuff 4 large pages of newspaper in each boot. It really works and the boots dry in a matter of 6 hours! Before I knew this trick, I'd leave the boots to air dry, which took days and days. Eventually they'd be ...


Get the best fit possible. Then go with the soak them and walk them dry method. Wetting the leather softens it and as it drys the leather shrinks to your foot shape. And at the first sign of blisters stand in a stream. Removes heat and lubricates the area.

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