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To Dispose: Vent all the fuel, then puncture the sidewall. Once you have done this, it can be dumped in the appropriate recycling bin. Jetboil makes a tool to help with this, for which they've made a nice instructional video. To Use: An option to wasting that last 20% is to have an inverted canister setup. Since this relies on gravity instead of boiling ...


I would under no circumstances store your white gas stove that way. White gas is pretty volatile stuff and the increased chance of a leak is just not worth it. In addition, why? I am not sure what benefit this would provide. Yes, it is safe to store partially filled white gas canisters. I would not leave them in direct sunlight with hot temperatures ...


This (Jetboil Crunchit Recycling Tool) was found by googling "crush isobutane fuel can" and reading this second result (right below the outoors.SE question) for the link.


Cheaper and easier solution. Attach your stove thingy (In my case, a pocket rocket). Open all the way and invert the can (away from flame sources obviously). Use a cheap and old fashioned church key to puncture the side. Total cost, approx. $0.50.

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