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What's the problem? The guy at the airport will take it from you. Proper legal disposal is now his business. There might be a kiosk for dropping items you forgot to leave at home, before dealing with people.


Here are a few methods If you have a lawnmower or weed eater you can dilute your gas by about 5% to 10% with it and burn it off that way, even if the fuel is 'bad'. Additionally, many fire departments will accept all manner of fuel, good or bad, and use it for backburning areas preparing for the summer fire season. Some auto parts stores will accept fuel ...


I was recently in Mexico and bought some unleaded gas at a gas station as stove fuel. I gave the unused fuel away to a taxi driver to put in his car. I suspect the same thing would work fine with the fuels sold as "white gas" or "camp fuel." I've heard conflicting information about exactly how this stuff is formulated, and for all I know it depends on the ...


While writing the question, I've figured out an answer. I just burn the fuel in the stove. Maybe this little knowledge would be helpful.

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