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I bought a 1 lb bag of random foreign coins on eBay for $5. A cheap, neat little thing to find in a cache.


Several people have already mentioned getting special gloves that have "flippable" finger tips, but no one has specifically mentioned sensory gloves which can be a little bit different than gloves that just flip their tips. In addition to flip-tips they also have a little hole that you can touch through, so you don't actually have to take your finger tip all ...


Look for patterns: if several caches have been placed by one owner, what kinds of containers are being used; are similar hiding places being used. Logs: look at photos - the person may be blocking the actual hiding place, but the background may be a clue; if the cache container is shown, you know its size, shape, and color. Also, log may state, "have seen ...


A derivate of Geocashing is Geohashing, which started with an xkcd comic. The basic principle is the same: you take a pair of coordinates and try to get there. What differs is the way these coordinates are generated. As the page linked above describes, they are generated randomly each day for each 1°×1° latitude/longitude zone. A good place to look today's ...

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