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A camping grill is not the indispensable cooking utensil in the wild, at least not anymore. Back in the day cooking over a fire was your only option for eating hot food, and a grill was the lightest thing you could carry for cooking. Cooking over a campfire is still fun, it's nostalgic for a lot of people, but it's not necessary in the backcountry these ...


I believe that Ecoque is the Pyromid resurrected. I found this in my search for new liners: The liners are on Amazon for U$7.99 per dozen. (the stoves run over U$100) I can't get thru to the Ecoque website at work (filtering.....), but they do have one: I haven't ...


I have both a 12" original Pyromid and the new Ecoque grill in 12". The pieces are all quite similar and interchangeable. The new model works as well as the original. both are fantastic little grills capable of high heat output.


I use the wood pieces method. For charcoal pieces medium twig-sized sticks (say 1 cm diameter) are OK. For pressed charcoal, I go for sticks of 3 - 4 cm diameter. For real coal (on the grill 8-o who wants to eat stuff roasted on a real coal fire?) I'd go for a nice wood fire with sticks (chopped wood) of at least 5 - 7 cm diameter. Should be close to ...

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