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I believe that Ecoque is the Pyromid resurrected. I found this in my search for new liners: http://www.backwoodshome.com/blogs/ClaireWolfe/2012/06/05/pyromid-is-back/ The liners are on Amazon for U$7.99 per dozen. (the stoves run over U$100) I can't get thru to the Ecoque website at work (filtering.....), but they do have one: www.ecoque.com I haven't ...


I use the wood pieces method. For charcoal pieces medium twig-sized sticks (say 1 cm diameter) are OK. For pressed charcoal, I go for sticks of 3 - 4 cm diameter. For real coal (on the grill 8-o who wants to eat stuff roasted on a real coal fire?) I'd go for a nice wood fire with sticks (chopped wood) of at least 5 - 7 cm diameter. Should be close to ...

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