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I'm not sure how your setup is, but I'd try a Purcell prussik or something similar. Animated example You must test its holding Power on paracord yourself, but on climbing cord it's solid enough.


The type of knot you are looking for a called a friction hitch, or a slide and grip knot which is a kind of knot used to attach one rope to another in a way that is easily adjusted. There are many different ways to tie a friction hitch: Klemheist Blake's Hitch Distel Hitch Rolling Hitch Prussic Bachmann Hitch Autoblock Hitch And of course the Purcell ...


I know it's fashionable to store as much stuff as you can in your hammock and hang it underneath, but there are plenty of good reasons not to, most of which depend on your environment and sleeping preferences. In swamps and jungles, for instance, there are a lot of creeping and crawling things that like to attach themselves to spaces that...I don't know, ...

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