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You might try stretching out your hammock tighter between trees and sleeping slightly diagonally to keep the hammock from compressing the sides of your sleeping bag as much. If you're able to sleep on your side it should reduce the amount of insulation being compressed as well.


You may want to try an under quilt. There are multiple cottage industries that produce under quilts. The great thing is the loft doesn't get compressed because it hangs under the hammock. EDIT: Try adding an emergency blanket lining the underquilt. It's super light weight and reflects the warmth and radiates back into the hammock. It works super great!


There a few possible remedies to your cold sleeping woes. You already have most of the appropriate equipment so these are some of my suggestions: For general coolness, first I'd recommend some type of vapor barrier/shield on the outside of your underquilt to block the air movement in your insulation, which is the single biggest cooling factor. This could be ...

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