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Poisonous plants are typically more dangerous when you burn them, at least that's true with plants that have oily toxins (poison ivy/oak). Toxins in plants aren't necessarily vaporized when burned. Smoke is a particulate, not a vapour. If you are burning something toxic, the toxins can potentially be carried by particles of smoke and be inhaled which is far ...


At least for some species, Rhododendron wood is not especially toxic when burned. I've seen (and used) many species of Rhododendron in the Chinese Himalaya as firewood, in both outdoor and drafty indoor conditions. This included seasoned and unseasoned wood, and large enough quantities of smoke that my Rite-in-The-Rain notebooks still smell like bacon. ...


Assuming you're reapplying the screen often (sweat washes it away) and it's a quality one, then it would do for what matters sun protection (although you should still properly cover your head with a hat or a bandana or whatever). That being said, I would use a shirt anyways; to protect your skin from the abrasion of the rucksack, to absorb some sweat, and ...


You can reduce or avoid knee pain by knowing how to descend properly. The correct way to hike downhill is not to move your front foot forward and simultaneously load it with your weight at the same time, as most people do. That way, the force generated by your weight (which increases while moving down thanks to the acceleration generated by the movement ...


Seawater, no. But clean salt water, yes. Salt-water solution should be isotonic, i.e. same salt level as your body; ca ΒΌ teaspoon of sea-salt to 250 ml water. I used it on my nose piercing and it was very effective. :)


Put some sort of thick covering that prevents oxygen from reaching the bite. Popular options include Vaseline.

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